Viruses are like internet fraudsters: They look for the most vulnerable and then move in for the attack.

The world anxiously awaits a “new normal” that at least slightly resembles pre-pandemic ways. The Mindbody Data Science team had predicted that our customers’ businesses would begin to surpass their 2019 levels by October 2021. However, now more than ever, we’re seeing that there’s one huge caveat: The markets with higher vaccination rates will fare better than their counterparts.

We’ve been watching closely, curious as to how this would all play out for our customers and their booking rates at their salons…

The COVID-19 pandemic effectively put the world on pause, significantly impacting the wellness industry. Fitness businesses, salons and spas closed their doors. People retreated inside their homes. More than a year later, while coronavirus is still very much here, signs are positive as markets reopen, and consumers begin getting back to, or in some cases finding new, wellness routines.

We’ve all wondered when we’d get back to normal — or find a relatively feasible new normal, at least. When can salons, spas, gyms, and other health and wellness centers expect business to go back to its pre-COVID days? Are we…

Alexander Soria

VP, Data Science and Mindbody. Alex has worked in the Data and Analytics world for over 17 years building models and data warehouses.

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